Wicked / Black Lady

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Well this costume has been on my “to do” list for several years. I wanted to make sure I found the right colors of fabric and the perfect wig before I tackled it. So I waited for a loooooong time before I could finally start production on it. Here we go:

The dress is made out of a red/black taffeta fabric. I found this and knew it was perfect. It was primarily black but had the cross weave of red in it. I originally wanted velvet, but I never had any luck finding such a fabric with this color.
The dress is very fitted with an invisible zipper in the back. It has a low dip back (accurate to the manga and anime.)
The scallops on the front of the dress were drafted as part of the dress. I top stitched them to keep them in place and even.
The dress is lined with a hot pink lining. Blue organza fabric is sewn into the back lining in a circular drape pattern (so no gathering or puckering would occur in the dress at the attachment area.)
Interfacing was sewn in the top and straps to keep its structure.

I found this incredible sheer stretch fabric in burgundy and bought a little more than a yard to make the blouse. The collar and cuffs are made of black stretch velvet. The back has no open/close area; the whole thing stretches enough to fit into. So I was able to make it accurate to the illustrations. The bottom of the blouse has a bodysuit bottom that helps keep the blouse tucked into the dress.
The jewels around the collar and cuff are acrylic and hand sewn on.
I actually have another blouse to wear with this as well that is made of burgundy organza. It is cut on the bias for stretch. That blouse has a burgundy button closure up the back for a more realistic look.

The shawl is a 60 inch long piece of pink organza. The edges were done with a serger in pink thread.

The shoes are red pumps. Same ones I use for Sailor Mars.

I used Arda’s Chibi wig in Bubblegum pink. I bought one ponytail extension in the same pink shade. I used the Sailor Moon hair tutorial, only using cone shaped Styrofoam rather than the spheres. I styled the bangs with hair rollers and a steamer to give the bangs some serious volume. I curled the sides with a steamer and rollers as well.

I used red eye contacts (wine red from Kiwiberry). I want to get more photos of this and experiment with more makeup techniques.


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