Sherry Birkin

Resident Evil 6



Well... long story short, I wanted to cosplay China!Sherry, but decided not to for two reasons. 1.) A friend of mine was already going as her, and 2.) I was in the best shape of my life and wanted to pay a little tribute to my body! The costume was more or less thrown together from my closet; I had the shorts, I bought the shirt at Salvation Army, tailored it, and added electrical tape for the blue stripes. The blue cape at the top was some fabric I bought, bunched, and pinned onto my shirt (since I can't sew). Wig was from Arda, and the headband was off of Amazon! :)


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Resident Evil 6
Character Sherry Birkin
Variant Schoolgirl


Dreadnought Nice costume. I'm about to try and make the Merchant from the fourth one. :)