Hatsune Miku

Vocaloid 2



I made and wore this for We Rise magazine's December 2012 issue and lent it to a friend December 2013 when she cosplayed Rin Kagamine.

I made everything with red casa satin and bunch of different kinds of lace I had on hand. The skirt is a simple circle skirt with a snap closure. I was short on time and materials so the shirt just velcros closed in the front lol. I have a huge red bow in the back, but sadly I don't have many photos that show it :c

The Miku hairbands and wrist cuffs were made with really thick, ruffled lace with fake holly glued on. Each of them snap closed.

All of the Rin accessories are from previous cosplays aha. So it was easy to toss together.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Hatsune Miku
Variant Original Christmas Outfit


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