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Well, this was my big cosplay that I put together over the summer. (And it only took me two months to get posted on this website, haha, how sad...) Oddly enough, not a lot of sewing went on for my summer cosplays... if any at all. I didn't intend for it to end up that way, but it did. Regardless, it was in a way a very /very/ nice break. From all of the stressing that comes with making things from scratch and what not. c:

The sense of accomplishment and just pure happiness from making things myself, from scratch, is wonderful, but a break certainly was not the end of the world and I ended up getting to the convention pretty much stress free which was nice~

Anyway, not a ton to say about this cosplay. (But we'll see how much I ramble on anyway.) None of it was actually sewn by myself. ^^; I did the design on the t-shirt and ripped/wore down the pants myself, as well as studding the jacket, but other than that pretty much everything was bought. I also tried to do my research on British Punk clothing & music. Just to get a feel for what I was doing, and I wanted to try and make it even a tiny bit authentic. vxv

I didn't feel like attempting a leather jacket, and I felt it would be more authentic to get a real one and one that was maybe worn a bit, so I did so from ebay. The boots are a given as far as not being made, also gotten from ebay. As were the fingerless gloves. The pants... well I found them on sale for like $3.49 at Kohl's and I wasn't about to argue with that price, haha. So I bought them even if they would end just being a back up pair. In the end though, they just fit ok and feel nice, and even though I think regular blue denim jeans would've broken up all of the black nicely, I just ended up going with this pair.

I think I was so focused on finding pins and picking accessories come towards the last weeks before the convention that they were just bound to end up being used anyway. That being said, all of the pins I also got from ebay. c: Finding and picking them out was pretty fun. Drove me crazy a bit too when it came to deciding, not to mention that all together they were /not/ cheap (especially with the few enamel ones), but fun nonetheless. I also changed backs on many of them (which had button backs) so they'd actually go through the leather.

And last but not least, the shirt I did do the design on myself. The ones I found and liked were either ridiculously expensive or ended up being sold out. So I decided to just do one myself. I used a tutorial I found for outlining the design to make sure that dye-paint would not go outside of where I wanted it to. However I can't remember the name of the technique off the top of my head, my bad. OTL It did end up bleeding a little but I'm actually ok with that and how it ended up looking. c:

Other than that... I didn't have many accessories (other than the gloves). I got some fake earrings, which hopefully will show in some of the pictures (once I finish getting through them), and my friend just kind of tossed her scarf on me Saturday night and I got some picks in it, surprisingly liking how it looked with my outfit, haha.

And this was also my first time cosplaying England, and I /loved/ it. vuv I certainly hope it's not my last, and I even want to try, and have started planning for, another one of his outfits for next year. Being Arthur was sooo much fun. Oh! Also, this was a bit of duo cosplay and my friend did rocker!America to go with me. We ended up matching not only Saturday but Sunday as well too, because our cosplays were so comfy and so much fun, haha~ This cosplay, despite the leather in hot Florida, was so much fun and I'm so glad I did it. c:


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