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Oh Korra, I really love this cosplay. Here's the skinny on the new balance bringer to Republic City:

So my friend got me into Avatar: The Last Airbender around the time Korra was coming out. So naturally, I slid right into Korra rather seamlessly. Been in love with the series ever since. (Though, I had seen most of the original series waaaay long ago but I digress)

This is actually not my costume. That is to say, I made it for my friend. I just slid it on to make sure everything was where I wanted it. Now this is the second run of this costume, the only thing remade is the shirt.

As far as construction goes, top was made out of a cotton/spandex mix, dyed with Dylon China Blue dye. Used stretchy interfacing on the collar, which realllly helped. Pants and the tie on the pelt also dyed. Hair tubes made out of, drum roll please, milkshake straws! Found a tutorial for those on youtube. Ah... Bought the boots, made the arm bands out of knit, and the pelt trim was kindly sewn on by my mom when I had to work xD...

That's about it! If you've got questions, I've got possible answers! PM me if you need to! :D


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Series Avatar: the Legend of Korra
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