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Wow, this is the most elaborate costume I've done in at least three years! I guess I just don't have as much time to work on my own costumes as I used to.

My friend Isadora asked me to be part of a Valkyrie Profile group she put together for Animuc 2011 (in Munich), and looking through the artbook, Lorenta's was the first costume design that really appealed to me.

Of course, I didn't realize back then just how much time and money would go into this outfit, or I might've picked something more simple like Freya instead!

I don't think I've ever had so much trouble finding the perfect fabric for any costume, the colors were a nightmare and I also had a pretty specific idea of what kind of materials and textures I wanted to use. However, the long search paid off in the end; when I found this beautiful, expensive silk taffeta for the skirt and was given the opportunity to order it in the perfect shade of purple, I just couldn't say no. I love it!

The insane amount of embroidery and appliqué work (note that the skirt alone measures 8m (8 3/4 yds) at the hem... *hem hem*) took weeks to make. The next 10 or 20 costumes I make will have to do without embroidery or appliqué OF ANY KIND, or I think I'll go insane *lol*

I love how the patterns pop out in photos, though, so it was definitely worth the effort.

A few notes on construction: Since the design is based on a Victorian period dress and I wanted to get the silhouette right, I wore a fully boned corset underneath and two separate tops (grey and black) with lightweight boning in the seams. The skirt is supported by a hoop petticoat (with a built-in bustle in the back) and a tulle petticoat (made of ~20 yds of tulle) which adds more 'poof' and keeps the hoops from showing through the top layer of fabric. The silk taffeta skirt is backed with interfacing to give the delicate fabric more support and stiffness.

The wig is another lace-front project. I hate those little suckers because they're so time-consuming to make, but I really wanted a natural-looking hairline to add to the overall realistic impression of the costume.

Cost: EUR 500 (~ US$ 715)


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Narnian Simply stunning. You always do such an amazing job.