devious-tofu as Wocky Kitaki

Wocky Kitaki

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Cosplayer: devious-tofu
Wocky is my favorite Ace Attorney character ever. I have been preparing to cosplay him for over two years.

Let it be known that the style of jacket Wocky has is deceiving. It looks simple, but in reality it's quite tricky. The first jacket I bought at a thrift store and attempted to modify by adding the gold parts to the sleeves up to the collar. It was so frustrating I couldn't will myself work on it after hours of trying. I knew I would have to make my own jacket but at that time (2 years ago) I had only made Cody's jacket and I knew Wocky's was much more complicated.

When I learned that Foos had cosplayed Plum Kitaki and was planning on bringing her to ACen, I knew I had to finish Wocky. I ACCIDENTALLY bought a pattern for a hoodie that had the same sleeves as Wocky's jacket. I didn't notice until I looked at the pattern when I got home.

I asked a couple other Wocky cosplayers for the images they used on their shirt/jacket and one Wocky cosplayer from Germany (I don't think she has a coscom) sent me some images she made in paint. I re-did the images using hers as a reference in Illustrator and printed them out on applique paper used for quilting. I have all of the appliques for his jacket/shirt made, and I uploaded them on my DA for others to use:

The jacket is VERY CLOSE to completion, but I thought it would be better to not wear something incomplete. I will definitely have it finished for the next time I wear it, though! Right now it has everything except the cuffs, pockets, and appliques.

More detailed construction details here:

The amazing wig was made by the talented Sonteen12/red-cluster. Thank you so much!