Aion: The Tower of Eternity



My dream costume finally complete! I played Aion briefly and was immediately impressed by the beautiful graphics and character design (and, of course, I couldn't resist another pair of wings). This costume took me the better part of a year, with all of the details and intricacy of the artwork, and I experienced quite a few firsts in making it: a fully-boned corset, a new type of wing structure, armor, fabric painting, working with satin and beaded fabric, full pattern drafting, etc. It was so much fun to debut at Sakura-Con and I'll definitely be rewearing this one for a while.


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Series Aion: The Tower of Eternity
Character Chanter


Seority Just a gorgeous cosplay! I love the beauty in Aion and you show you it wonderfully! I can tell you worked very hard on this, and I applaud you madame!

Cassidy Beautiful : )

notLink love this cosplay! absolutely stunning!

Narnian Absolutely gorgeous! You did an outstanding job!

*E_S_M* awesome! you are so cute with that cosplay! the details look amazing :o could you post a close-up photo :o? (yeah, I love seeing little details in real life xD)

Aoime Awesome ^^ Always nice to see aion cosplays : ))

rina579 Awesome! I want to do this one too. :3

epierce001 You and the costume are both very beautiful and those wings are spectacular!

Allisande Such beautiful work!

R-R-RADICAL The details are amazing! Awesome costume. :)

slimyfrogz This looks gorgeous! I hope you post some close-ups so we can admire all those tedious details! :)