Lillie (The Spieler)




Lillie appears in the Joss Whedon installment of Runaways, where the runaways subsequently travel back in time, as you do. And falls in love with the token not Chase, cyborg runaway.

The costume is made with mosly reused material. This excludes all the ribbon used as I just couldn't find any in the right colours.

The skirts are made out of a curtain (which i dyed green) and a bed cover. The corset was a pillow cover and some second hand fabric for the lining. The white shirt is second hand as is the tan top which was originally white - tea dyed with the lines drawn in with coffee.

Worn to Supanova 2011 (and the weather did permited me to not die of heat exhaustion. and it didn't rain either, which was nice).


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Series Runaways
Character Lillie (The Spieler)


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