Gothic Maiden


I threw this outfit together for a random photo shoot my sister and I went on the other day. As we were walking to the place for the shoot, a pedestrian commented how I looked like I was from a Gothic novel. Immediately this cosplay idea was born.

I used the dress from my Voyage of the Dawn Treader Susan cosplay and a cape I made for my sister. I already had the shoes and the hair is my own.
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Character Gothic Maiden

KitoCosplay Is this costume based on the tribal goths or the subcultural goths?

Shahrazad Gorgeous photos! I totally support throwing together a costume the day of using things you already have! You and your sister probably had tons of fun :)

anime_wench Ah! Make me a cloak!

BisectedBrioche I'm not normally that fond of original cosplays, but that cloak's amazing.