Harry Potter

Harry Potter

I herped the derp like yea as Harry at ColossalCon. Despite it being a few layers, it ended up being the coolest and most comfortable costume of the weekend.

Parts, since I know there will be questions:

Pants: Black mens' tailored pants from the GAP. So comfortable and nicely made, they fit so well too.

Sweater: Official Wizarding World sweater.

White shirt: Srsly, who doesn't own an Oxford?! This one is part of my work wardrobe and happens to be from LLBean. It wears like iron and is tailored well.

House-color tie: Purchased in the UK back when HP film 1 was out.

The robe: I waffled for a while. I certainly can make a robe but fabric always adds up, especially in a drapey/flowy garment like this. I opted to try buying my first Chinabay costume component. Despite the hood being derp [don't put it on, it definitely stands up like a black KKK hood lol] it was an excellent buy for $10 and made pretty darn nicely. The lining is your standard run-of-the-mill poly blend that has some shine. The cloak itself is also a poly blend that is pretty much like a graduation robe.

The wig: Made a leap here too and tried ordering one domestically at International Wigs. Not a good shopping experience and the wig scacely looked like the source material but whatever. I mowed it down and thinned it out enough to not look ridiculous. It was a J.Biebs wig called "Brad" by Nirvana. Take it or leave it. Meh.

Glasses: Was able to track them down and get my prescription at no extra cost from Zenni Optical. I then painted the accent pieces in gold and called it good.
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