Caimie / Camie / Keimi

One Piece



Time-skip? YES PLEASE! I was so excited to cosplay this version of my favorite mermaid!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The wig was purchased online. It's a green/brown mix like my original Caimie wig, but in a lighter shade to match the color change she received in the anime. I cut and styled it myself!
- As always, I used matte eyeshadow to color my eyebrows green.
- The necklace was handmade by me using various materials purchased at the craft store.
- The shirt was made using two of the exact same black tank top. I turned one inside-out and stuffed the other shirt inside of it. I cut the zig-zag pattern out of both shirts, then stitched them together along the spikes at the bottom.
- After the tank tops were sewn together, I turned them right-side-out and stuffed craft felt triangles between the two shirts in order to stiffen the spikes at the bottom and help maintain their shape.
- The logo was designed in Photoshop then professionally screen-printed onto the tank top using a very durable and stretchy ink.
- The backpack is the same one I made for my original Caimie costume.
- The bracelet is made of two light blue hair scrunchies purchased at the dollar store. (Cheap and effective!)
- The tail is the same one seen on my original Caimie costume, only this time, white craft foam scales were added to the waist for accuracy. I can take them on and off with velcro!
- My Pappug plush was made by the talented Serenity-Sama of Serenity Studios. Don't forget to check her out on dA! (

I was voted #3 of the Top 10 Cosplay Girls at Anime North 2012 according to Dinosaurus Rex! I'm also in the banner photo! Thank you sooooo much! (

If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!


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Character Caimie / Camie / Keimi


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