Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika



My first somewhat historical dress, but it's steampunk.
That costume is really really warm to wear on a humid 28 deg. C. weather. Even if the building had A/C, because of the amount of people in it, it's hard to keep cool. Definitely it is an autumn type of dress to wear.
I am wearing three layers, underwear consisting of a chemise, petticoat and bustle pad; then the overskirt and blouse that are made of crinkled satin and cotton twill, then the bustle that is made of cotton twill as well and the vest in wool. Then there are the gloves that were made of crepe silk and bracers in pvc, the mechanical arm in wonderflex, with a led light.


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Series Lady Mechanika
Character Lady Mechanika
Variant Issue One Victorian Walking dress


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