Tsukimi Kurashita




This cosplay is very simple but..UGH I LOVE this series!
Tsukimi is so hilarious and who doesn't love being a nerd?!
The wig was styled with:
cotton balls [that i painted black]
black thread
fabric glue
hair spray
I wanted her pig tails to be as poofy as it was in both the manga and anime so I made pigtails and stuffed them with cotton before spraying with hair spray and tying them shut with thread and fabric glue to keep shape and hold. And it's all simple and still pretty light weight. The cow lick was just cut, styled, sprayed, and glued into form. the bangs were just cut and hair clipped with the same silver clips she wears.

The glasses I bought off E-bay, a cheap non prescriptive pair with multi colour lenses. I got them since actual glasses as a multicolour sheen to their lenses too, its just so you can see most colours without it being a blur. I liked it and recommend it!
For the same design as Tsukimi's however, I took a small saw and sawed off the top frames. PLEASE WEAR SAFETY GLOVES!!!! Because the saw can slip from its position you are holding it at.

The sweats, are just a simple pair of sweats you can buy..I honestly bought mine instead of altering because it was cheaper for me. Now if buying the fabric becomes cheaper than buying yours, go for it!!!
All I did to mine was alter it slightly and installed elastic to the ankles so they would gather like hers.
Again, a very simple outfit but sooooooooo comfy and I just adored the character of Tsukimi to pass it up.~


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Series Kuragehime
Character Tsukimi Kurashita


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