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I always loved the first Avatar series and i had thought that the second one would be kind of boring or lame in many ways, since they would try to make something different, but equal. In the end, i still like the new series. Korra is fun and different, but still not over the top. Only thing i'm not so happy about is the storyline going so fast.

Fun fact: when you're posing with this cosplay in one of the bending stances, you feel almighty and cool. But when you eventually see those pictures, it just looks like you're having a cramp or doing some ridiculous pose XP

Worn on:
BIFFF 2012 (Belgium)
Antwerp Convention 2012 (Belgium)
Atsusacon 2012 (Belgium) - Saturday

========= CREATION =========

These are old sneakers that i was going to throw away a few weeks before i planned making Korra. I figured i could actually use the base for making a boot. ^^;; I first had to glue the whole shoe back together, since it was ripping apart on several spots. Then i just added loads of fabric, elastic bands, paint and a few fluffy types of fabric to finally get a boot.

I made the shirt out of stretch to tightly fit around my body (like Korra). But soon after, i found out that tight stretch shirts tend to curl upwards. I decided i'd transform the shirt into a bodysuit by adding a pants part (which of course can't be seen on pictures).

I first made a regular pants and then started practicing on several bending moves. Soon i found out there were 2 "problems". One was that the pants could have been a bit longer to make it slightly more poofy, because while doing moves, the fabric would stretch out too much and justs look like normal pants. The second problem (and more severe one) was that the pants wasn't made for bending poses. ^^;; The seams around my butt and in between my legs, were about the rip, while i would do certain moves. I decided to just add some extra fabric on spots that needed those. In the end, i got a fairly complicated pants pattern, but at least it didn't rip. ^^

Have fun ~~


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Series Avatar: the Legend of Korra
Character Korra


Narnian Wonderful! You make a fantastic Korra!

MisuKawaiiOkami OK, um i know you probably don't want to and i understand but i'm trying to put together a korra cosplay too, the only error i have found so far is i cant figure out how to make korras parka... could you please help me! what ever pattern you used is amazing!

Kiandra This is just epic!!