Princess Merida




A Scottish princess with HUGE red hair? How could I possibly resist?! This is actually a fairly simple costume, it's just super time consuming with all of these long seams o.0

UPDATE: 3/15/13: I swear, this costume NEVER ENDS!

[x] Belt: Ordered a GORGEOUS parks accurate belt from etsy, and I can hardly wait to receive it!~

[x]Sleeve "puffs": I finally figured out how to puff 'em out like at Disneyland. Let's just say it's not remotely historically accurate as it entails poly-fill XD Looks awesome and cartoony, though!

UPDATE: 9/7/12:
Adding some "upgrades!" (aka: adding elements from the Disney Parks dress)

[x]Waist sash: ordered the plaid fabric via spoonflower, and sewed up!~

[x]Belt: made a "stand-in" belt with suede and iron-on transfers for the Celtic Knots.

[x]Waist brooch: made with a plastic tupperware lid (lol) as a base, the bears are made from treated craft foam, and 100% hand-painted.

[x]Dress Trim: ordered the fabric from spoonflower, and ended up using a 7 yard length of the 12" design to go around the entire skirt 0.o Both the top and bottom are trimmed with a total of 14 yards of gold braid trim.

**Update 5/17/12: I modified the pattern and took in the side seams for a much more accurate fit and flare at the waist ;)


[x]Cape: Wool Suiting, and I fully lined the hood with matching green fabric from the dress.

[x]Brooch: Good thing I waited to make the brooch! With the release of the doll, I finally have a reference!~

[x]Dress: a slightly loose-weave dark hunter green poly-cotton suiting. Not remotely period accurate, but it looks awesome and drapes beautifully :) I also modified the bottom a bit, making the front shorter with only a very small train, for easier walking around convention centers.

[x]Sleeves: matching suiting with a cream-colored crinkle linen for the "puffs."

[x]Collar: matching crinkle linen. The ruffles are hand-gathered.

[x]Quiver Belt: I completely re-made the belt with faux tan suede and interfacing.

[x]Quiver: Faux suede with heavy craft interfacing. The Celtic knot design was done by hand with prisma ink.

[x]Bracer: I kind of created my own bracer based upon the sparse images available. Made with veg tan leather, tooled lines, and lacing.

[x]Arrows: dowels with fletching. I don't plan on adding the arrowheads due to convention security :P

[x]Bow: I created the pattern, my Dad carved it, and then I added all of the details. I vastly simplified the designs, but tried to stay as true as possible :) I also added some tan feathers and bead-work for decoration.

[x]Boots: I received a pair of ankle boots as a gift for this costume--they're perfect, but in black instead of brown. (But since they were a gift, I'll wear 'em irregardless :D)

[x]Wig: I originally had to go with a darker color due to the lighter gingers making me look SUPER pale, but I finally found an orangey ginger that looks natural, AND doesn't wipe me out! New wig will be worn with my complete costume at the movie premiere!


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Character Princess Merida


lordofcrowns So amazing! :D Definitely one of, if not my favorite Merida! <3

Narnian Stunning Merida! You did very well!

sephie-monster You're going to the premiere as Merida... OMG meeee tooo ^^ Post as many pics as possible! You're bow is amazing :B

Kelly99z Hi, Love your new Merida costume. Can you share where you got the new wig. I really love the color!!!! Thanks!