Jack Vessalius (Bezarius)

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This was a nightmare of a costume as cotton Velveteen is hard to find.

I have planned to finish him in the summer of 2010, but the laundromat killed the first 7 yards of the velveteen. I further ruined another 6 yards of the stuff when I cut on the wrong grain. >_< I>_&lt;

The wig is a Magnum Long from Arda wigs that a removed the lower portion of and replaced with a long clip on ponytail for the braid. Shade in Light Blonde. I ruined 3 of the clip-on as I tried to harvest the wefts from it — the final one I removed the hair clip and sew the whole thing onto the base wig.

The white trim I look for something you would see used in that period/style instead then make the loops as I felt that Jun Mochizuki was trying to capture lace without having to draw it ALL the TIME.

The white panels is a 100% cotton brocade I pick out for my Kongiku costume. I just had enough left to use on the exposed and inside panel.

The gold trim is 7/8 Gimp Cord.
All hand sew down, and the edge of the collar sew together between the edge loops on the gimp to create a finished edge.

The coat was almost all hand sew except the initial body shape.

The earring and hair tie is made from a custom mix Fimo to match the purple shade seen in the anime.

The things I made from scratch were the spats, coat, jabot and earring and hair tie.

The break down of time (over the years) it took about a month to make the jacket, but it should take about four whole days to do it without interruptions from drafting to finish.


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Character Jack Vessalius (Bezarius)
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WARPAINTandUnicorns That's the one thing I'm thankfull for is that we have a chain in Ontario called Len's Mill that stock tons of trim for upholstery items. You can fins them online as Expo Twisted Cord and Expo Gimp Cord a bit easier.

A14jojo Can I just give you a hug for making such a lovely Jack and for going through all that heartache to get him done? >.< I just love seeing other Pandora Hearts cosplayers, and I really love the trim you used. That's sort of what I wanted for Break's uniform but everything at my local fabric store is either too yellow or that kind of tinsel gold stuff.