Beth Greene

The Walking Dead



---- COMPLETE ----

When I'm cosplaying as one of my favorite female TV characters AND half of one of my OTPs, I tend to get pretty darn excited! I even cut my hair...
For my Beth costume, the yellow polo was found at Goodwill along with the skinny jeans. I already owned the boots (after failing to find any like Beth's at thrift stores, I just settled for the ones I already had), and I found the knife on Amazon.
It's a Cold Steel training knife, and if you need a knife for your cosplay, I HIGHLY recommend these. They're rounded, so they'll get through weapons check, but they look so freaking realistic when you paint the blades with metallic rubber-bonding spray paint (it exists). Mine is the 16" Laredo Bowie knife, and I got it for $12.
For my hair, I'm a natural blonde, but I had very long hair (down to my waist), which Beth does not. For the first time, I sacrificed a piece of myself in the name of cosplay... Okay, that just sounds like I cut my hair in Nanda Parbat. It actually wasn't that bad, and now it looks just like Beth's.
Finally, I used a mixture of Karo Syrup and red/blue food coloring to create the blood, which I then splattered all over my shirt whilst thinking of Dexter Morgan. Yep, I'm totally normal.


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Series The Walking Dead
Character Beth Greene
Variant Season 4, somewhere between "Still" and "Alone"


momoiru1994 OMG i love the walking dead! I love to see people cosplay it! You make a great Beth! the location is great and the clothing too! :D