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First daughter of Cenarius. Defender of Kalimdor.

My first big prop build! Lots of parts went into this, and I picked up lots of new tech. I chose to go with my natural skin tone rather than painting because PAX is a very busy get-up-and-go con and I wouldn't have had the time to put it on, and didn't want to deal with making a body-sized sleeve since I couldn't find a good color online. Opted not to go whole-hog with an actual centaur armature like some (brilliantly) crazy people do, that might be for another day.

-----------------------------------The Builds-----------------------------------

The Spear-The spear was my new big thing as I've never made a large weapon before, or worked with PVC. I used a Jack Frost staff tutorial for the wood effect and also to make it come apart for transport. Yes it splits in half, it's so cool! And without using screws or anything, just basic friction so really newbie-friendly. The spear is like 80% paper: the butcher paper mache for the wood, the newspaper I stuffed in to bulk out the middle, and then the tip which is literally just newspaper taped over to give it a more crystalline appearance.
The vine I ended up making with a large rope since while you can find fake plants it's actually kind of hard to find a fake vine; most of those ivies you see are actually on plastic chains. I just cute the rope where it overlayed the separation split. The leaves were just the biggest fake leaves I could find spray painted to match the rest of the costume. I think oak would've been more accurate but I couldn't find any at the time.

The Antlers-so I searched forever to try and find pre-made antlers to use for this but wasn't happy with any of the shapes. Most were simply too realistic to work since Lunara's are actually kind of soft and round looking. The next search was for how to make something that large also be light-weight. With the time I had I ended up using an old Homestuck tutorial where I made a wire frame (a sort of weird 2D but also 3D shape) and stuffed it with newspaper, then taped it up. The result isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be (which also means the paint job isn't as smooth either) but I'm still happy with it. The antlers are actually poseable because of the wire frame which is good because they tend to slide forward a lot due to how front-heavy they are. I did glue some alligator clips to the headband to try to counteract this but since I was also wearing a wig it didn't seem to help too much. I think I'm going to try installing wig combs next.
The leaves were actually a last-minute addition since I ended up with time leftover for once but I'm really glad I added them. Lunara has this strange crest-thing that's practically growing out of her hairline and adding the leaves gave me a decently close approximation of it. Plus it helped hide the headband even more.

The Bra-so finding a bra I could use ended up being much harder than expected since I figured you can find anything online these days. Since this was going to be worn all day I couldn't exactly just use adhesives, I needed something more durable but still "invisible." I found a handful of strapless (or clear strap) bras on Amazon and I'm fairly happy with the one I got. It extends to the side a little more than I'd like but I can at least just cover it with fake leaves. All the foliage you see anywhere on this costume was obtained at Goodwill over the course of a few months and then spray painted so they all match. A couple fell off over the course of the day but I have a good amount leftover for repairs.

The Shirt-hopefully you actually didn't notice it but I am wearing sheer shirt under everything. Partly for modesty (after I realized I'd be running around almost topless for a day) and partly for warmth. Really hard to shop for this at work, and harder still to find one that was just nude. Wish the seams weren't so obvious but I didn't want to deal with learning how to make my own.

Also gave me an opportunity to actually do her markings/tattoos, since I could just have them painted onto the shirt. A friend painted them on while I had people over for a cosplay day, I still can't get over how vibrant I managed to mix that green. The paint is just acrylic mixed with some gloss or fluid medium which the Internet said would make it equivalent to fabric paint. It's survived one hand washing so far just fine.

The Tail-just a standard deer tail, though I patterned it to be longer rather than sit upright like most fursuit/costume deer tails. Wore it on a belt I already had that hid relatively well behind the costume belt, but unfortunately you can see it peeking out a lot in these photos. It was my first time working with faux fur but it really wasn't as hard as I'd anticipated and I'd like to make another one since I have plenty of leftover fur.

The Shoes-my first time making what are essentially fursuit "footpaws" but not my first time working with foam, got to use some of my experience from Sans. Also a good way to recycle a really dirty pair of cheap white shoes! I'll admit I didn't spend too much time on these since I had a million other things to finish and didn't have time to experiment with frabrics and patterning so I just covered the foam with some old brown fabric I had and the gray hoof fabric is from Goodwill. I had some shoe waterproofing spray I've had for years I made sure to soak them with and it actually seems to have worked fairly well. I still think they looked good but definitely would've been better with a vinyl at least for the hooves, both for waterproofing and durability; the gray started to rip open on the hoof tips during the day and now needs repairs before being worn again.

The Necklace-this was a pretty fun part as I hadn't worked with clay in ages. Beadmaking tutorials really came in handy here, first for making a stone-like clay and then for figuring out how to make giant "beads" that wouldn't weight a ton. Ended up using a sugar method where you build around a dried sugar lump and then wash out the sugar after baking, really interesting. I only used that technique for the really big ones (half the sugar lumps I made ended up never drying) and the smaller in-betweeners are just solid clay. I did some last-minute dry-brushing on them all to add depth and am glad I did. The whole thing is held together with twine as I wanted something that would keep with a natural theme if seen but I really didn't want it seen at all.

The Gauntlet-Lunara's left arm is basically a living plant, so to get the look without a bunch of latex and involved stuff I got the help of a friend who makes armor for LARPing and made my first gauntlet. It's just craft foam glued or velcroed onto a brown glove (surprisingly hard to find and the one I ended up ordering has a gross shine to it). I added a wooden striation texture with a fork and just painted it from there.

The Belt-I got lucky and after much searching found a nice green fabric at Goodwill I could use rather than buying fresh. I sandwiched the fabric around some bag-stiffening material (I can't remember the name but it looked a lot like fusible) so it would stand on its own, then hemmed the edges and painted them gold. I didn't realize I could have used bias tape until about halfway through and by that time didn't feel like getting even more stuff for this cosplay.
The trim is the most luxurious faux fur I've ever touched, seriously the stuff was $40 a yard so I'm glad I didn't need much. For the rocks I just used the traditional foil method since they didn't have to be beads, plus some dry-brushing for depth.

The Tabard-mostly the same as the belt minus the interfacing. I sewed a loop on the back so it just slides onto the belt and then it's held together with Velcro. The armor is just craft foam (and some EVA foam for the center of the diamond) painted up. I attached them with more Velcro for ease of transport and cleaning.

The Leggings-another surprisingly difficult find, light-brown leggings (in my size at least). The ones I bought looked lighter online but looked too dark to me in-person. I used fabric paint to add a fur texture in some areas but didn't want to paint the whole thing for fear it'd look stiff and gross. For my rear I luckily had my sister visiting at the time so I trusted her to do the spots. I think they're pretty cute and while I wouldn't wear them on a normal day to a costume or fantasy event I'd definitely break them out again.

The Leg Warmers-I wanted a nice transition from leggings to hoof but didn't want to permanently attach faux fur (and not super great quality) to the leggings, so I took the rave/leg warmer route. They're okay, but they don't stay up super well, I need to look into better methods for making them. The interior looks like the stiches could be broken really easily. I still like the effect they got me though.

The Wig-my first Amazon wig, as I was spending so much on everything else I didn't want to drop big bucks on a fancy wig. Actually pretty nice quality, I didn't really do any styling to it. I wasn't ready to try building Lunara's Jesse-style hair so I just got an approximation with curls that also gives it a living, vine-like feel.
The flower clips are all handmade using leftovers from the foliage I bought and some old hair clips I found in my cosmetics bucket. I think I lost a few throughout the day but it'd be easy enough to make more.

The Ears-I didn't want to make my own with everything else going on, but I also wanted a long bouncy look since Lunara has hilariously large ears. There was a set online I really wanted that was pricier ($40+) but the seller didn't get back to me soon enough so I bought a cheaper pair off Etsy. I did some painting on them to better match my skin tone. They've held up through 3 or 4 wears now so for $12 I feel I've gotten my money's worth already.


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