The Powerpuff Girls



The Powerpuff Girls were a huge part of my childhood. I have so many fond and wonderful memories of them, and I still adore them to this day.

Blossom's always been my favorite. Her leadership skills and intelligence have inspired me over the years. I remember one year for Halloween I dressed up as her. And now I'm finally making a more decent cosplay of her!

For the dress, I'm making it out of pink stretch fabric. I plan to make my own pattern for it, then I'm gonna spray the black stripe on with black fabric spray paint.

The shoes I'm recycling from my Honey Lemon and Satsuki cosplays(the yellow paint was chipping off so I painted them black with Basics acrylic flexible black paint). Tights are from Walmart.

The bow is a gift from a friend of mine who made it with craft foam and a headband. :)

The back clip is gonna be made out of worbla and a hairclip.


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Series The Powerpuff Girls
Character Blossom


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