Luke Skywalker

Star Wars



I wanted an easy-to-wear costume for MagFest so I decided to knock yet another "Kinda been wanting to cosplay this" off my list.

Luke's classic outfit is about as comfortable as it gets.

Shirt and pants made with black sateen and grey faux suede (vest). Shirt is lined with dull satin. I have more faux suede for the Jedi robe, but yea, time was of the essence and I also didn't want to "really" cosplay much at MagFest so the shirt, pants, and vest were a great compromise... and they are comfy as pajamas.

Crowning achievement for this costume is that I managed to tame the "Civil War Pattern" and modified pants and the shirt using it as a base. It can be done, folks.

Unfortunately, the green lightsaber I ordered didn't arrive in time for MagFest hence using Anakin's blue lightsaber... Oh well, I cracked jokes saying Rey managed to find the lightsaber but not the missing hand, 1 of 2 isn't horrible.


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Series Star Wars
Character Luke Skywalker
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