Rin Kagamine

Vocaloid 2



two friends and I decided to cosplay and artwork of Rin, Len and Luka together and compete in one of SacAnime's contests. It was a lot of fun to make and wear, but everything was so rushed that while it photographs ok, it's not very good quality.

My pink hairclips are literally just hot pink satin ribbon with rounded edges and hotglued to bobbypins. The flower piece is 2 casa satin strips with black ribbon sewn to it then handstitched with a silk rose and curled pink ribbon onto a hairclip.

My eyepatch is a self-faced square of cotton with white embroidery thread sewn and knotted in all 4 corners. Looking back, using elastic would've been a wiser, faster idea. There's a heart painted in the front in pink glittery fabric paint.

The shoes were painted white with acrylics. The ribbon around the ankles have tiny silk roses glued to them and they snap closed on the inside of the ankle by the zipper. To keep them from rotating, I glued down one of the snaps so everything was still functional but immobile. the effect of my tights were done by layering white tights under black vertically striped ones.

The armband on my bicep and collar fabric were made by sewing tiny bits of black ribbon to white casa satin.

The majority of the dress is made of cheap satin and a still cheap but slightly thicker and better quality striped satin. Playing with the stripes and altering the dress pattern was a lot of fun for me. The bodice has princess seams in the front and back and the skirt is a circle skirt with a piece of "pie" cut out and replaced by stripe fabric.


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Series Vocaloid 2
Character Rin Kagamine
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