Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep



Hella last minute on everything for this!

The shorts were biker shorts that later were modified for Rinoa Heartilly. The boots and pleather thigh-highs are from my Lenali cosplay.

The arm sleeves are some polyester/ cotton mix twill. And my armor was made of single layer craft foam that was hastily painted.

For the shirt I used a navy blue spandex, black pleather, and white ribbon. I made everything from rushed draping, so it's not very good. The ribbon's not even properly attached, it was just hot glued on aha.

The red chest straps are cotton and the pin was made of sculpty, painted and glued to a pin.

the white skirt straps are the same material as the sleeved and sewn to the shirt. Same with the blue skirt panels.

The only thing I'm remotely proud of was my keyblade. Itwas only made from 1 piece of posterboard, but I was so happy with the silhouette and painting! If I ever cosplay Aqua again, I'd love to remake this keyblade with proper materials.


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Series Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
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