Micaiah (Light Priestess)

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn



This is my 4th cosplay. I didn't really wanted to do Micaiah because she is my favourite character (I kind of dislike her, to be honest), but rather because I think her light priestess version is beautiful! And Fire Emblem characters are always worth cosplaying!

The most difficult part about this costume was that there is no good refernce for it. I used her upper-body-sprite (which of course doesn't provide reference for all of her clothing), her in-game-battle-model (which is not that detailed) and a screenshot from that one cutscene before the fight against Ashera (which, also, is rather vague ).

However this was fun to make and it is acually quite comfy.

Because I now own the Radiant Dawn artbook I was able to properly update the cosplay in 2017!


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Series Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Character Micaiah (Light Priestess)


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