Lilo Pelekai

Lilo and Stitch



Lilo & Stitch has been one of my favorite Disney movies ever since it came out. Lilo's also become one of my most favorite Disney characters. She's one of the most unique characters I've seen, and what's not to love about her??

I found the dress at Goodwill, and I added the leaves. ^^ I made my own leaf pattern from tracing it from a picture I found online.

For Scrump, I made my own pattern. Her hair is made from craft foam and pipe cleaners(so that it sticks up :) ) The mouth is embroidery thread and I had to paint two of the buttons for accuracy. (^^)"

(This cosplay is on hold until I can re-make the dress. Aiming to get one that goes down to the ankles like hers. )


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Series Lilo and Stitch
Character Lilo Pelekai
Variant Red Dress


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