Fire Emblem: Awakening



A friend helped me cut and sand a wooden blade and decorative fittings for the spear. Imo it needs to be smoothed in many places and repainted.

The hairclips are cardboard glued onto tiny clips.

I had 2 friends help me make the armor out of EVA and foamie. This was my first time making armor, so I had little concept of what I was doing. While I'm pretty happy with the end result, I think it's a lot bulkier than it should be and I'd like to make it out of thinner foam sometime. Being able to work with a thermoplastic would be nice, but I don't have the money for that pfft.

The leggings/shoes were relatively confusing and I saw many people go about them differently. I ended up settling on pink stockings, low-heeled red shoes (covered with fabric to match the dress) and red leg-warmers slipped over everything. It's a little cumbersome and bulky. I think it would of turned out much nicer with a stretchy fabric, but using a spandex for the dress would not of given it a nice shape.


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Series Fire Emblem: Awakening
Character Cordelia
Variant Pegasus Knight


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