Star Wars

I used Simplicity 5840 with a few modifications.

Under tunic: The pattern just had a little dickey. I chose to make a sleeveless tunic to be more accurate. I used a tablecloth I found at Value Village. Instead of using the dickey ties I added ties in the same place as a Japanese Jimbei.

Tunic: I followed the pattern for this one. Material was a sheet from Value Village so I used the hems on that to save some time.

Belt: This is in two pieces. I followed the pattern for the under layer and then used a leather belt over that. I used craft wire to create a hook for my lightsaber to attach.

Cloak: Wow, that takes a lot of material. To make it more accurate to the films, I had to do a few adaptations to the pattern. The pattern had a seam along the chest; I didn’t want that. The hood was also very pointy and I didn’t like that.

Pants: Simplicity pattern 1887.

I also made robes for my boyfriend as his Christmas present. We wore them to see the new movie. Great fun.
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