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Got this done just in time haha!

A mostly found-clothes cosplay, a "Glam Rock" Ruby version. I made hand painted patches for me and my friend (who was Sapphire :) ). I also made one spandex glove to attach my gem to. I made the gem from polymer clay. My other hand / face I painted to match the color. It was really hard finding spandex in the right color....her skin is like coral, not red. :T I ended up using a pair of tights, for my legs and the arm (I bought two pairs and cut one up for the glove).

The wig was from a local hair products store. Headband was scrap leather I had. Pants I added stars onto. Jacket was found at Goodwill, and I can't take credit for the stud work it came like that!! Lucky find.


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Series Steven Universe
Character Ruby
Variant Glam Rock


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