Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



Photos by Mery.

Exact cost: 6.45 €.

Making of process:

Aerith Gainsborough is my favorite character from Final Fantasy 7. Althought I HATE the plot because it is full of contradictions, I liked the characters, the music, the graphics, quests and the playing system/battle. Aerith is like a beautiful and kindhearted angel who keeps the group united and focused in their goals. She sacrifices herself in order to be able to summon sacred matter from the lifestream and destroy meteor in the end, avoiding the annihilation of life on earth. Her role is just like Yuna's, but she had to die because of it. I love her because she was super brave and gave up having a normal life with her beloved Zack for the sake of the planet. She sacrificed everything. It must be hard being born from a race that has an imposed task since the beginning of times. But she is able to live in the lifestream, as well as the other Cetra, because of her powers. So she used them to link Zack's soul in the lifestream. Now he can be forever together with her. This can be seen at the end of Advent Children. So I supposed she obtained what she wanted in the end and can be happy in the afterlife with her beloved ones.

Ok, so I used the same dress, boots, wig, hair ribbon and necklace for this version. What I did again were the golden bracelets, which are not sewn between them, the dark pink jacket and the dark brown imitation leather with two silver buckles. So I did everything with the same method. BUT the dark pink jacket was sewn inside the red one, BUT while the red one was inside out. You basically need to sew the edges of the sleeves, the edges of the neck and the edges of the body of the jacket toghether. So this is really a reversible jacket! This way, I wasted less time, money and materials and the jackets look stronger, since each one works as a lining for the other. It is very important to notice that both necks must be sewn in the other jacket: the red neck in the dark pink jacket, and the dark pink neck in the red jacket. This way, both jackets and necks colors will match while they are put on.

I made belt loops in each sleeve so I could attatch the two stripes of dark brown imitation leather. The straps are made of two layers of the fabric and sewn in the edges. I made a hole on both so I could close the stripes with the buckles.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Aerith Gainsborough
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