-I loved Misao, both for the interactive gameplay and thought-provoking tragic story. I set out to cosplay the female protagonist right away. Though I made the costume in 2014, I didn't have a chance to do a photoshoot with it until almost two years later.

-Clouds Photography: https://www.facebook.com/cloudsofsandphotography/

-Tie was made from red cotton with snap closure in the back.

-Hairbows were made from pink rodeo with a clasp hand-sewn on.

-Vest was made from pink rodeo fabric with red cotton lining and button closure.

-Skirt was made from pink rodeo fabric with zipper closure.

-Wig was from Arda Wigs and cut and styled be me.

-Shirt, socks, and shoes were purchased.
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Series Misao
Character Aki
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