Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians



To debut LBCC 2014!~

[x]Blouse: creme-colored linen lined with cotton. Very light weathering to be done with tea staining and sandpaper. Decorative top stitching was also done in dark brown.

[]Vest: Coffee brown light-weight wool lined with cotton--it will be fully functional with antique buttons. To be lightly weathered, and painted ice patterns.

[x]Pants: a beautiful medium weight faux suede with tea-stained bias tape cording. Heavily weathered and with hand-painted ice patterns. The ragged edges are also fray-checked so that it won't completely unravel.

[x]Cape: Dark brown moleskin. This is the same fabric I used for my Jedi robes, and I absolutely LOVE it!~ Ice patterns are applied with stippled white, blue and glitter paint.

[x]Wig: Styled by the AMAZING HeeHee of Twinzik :)

[]Staff: building onto a base of PVC pipes.


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Series Rise of the Guardians
Character Jack Frost
Variant Colonial


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