Princess Peach

Super Mario Odyssey



When I was gearing up for PAX West 2018 I had a lot going on in my life at the time but I still wanted something new to wear so my plan was to keep it simple and do something with mostly off-the-rack items. The majority of this cosplay was bought on Amazon with some alterations made.

Hat-found on Amazon, stitched the ribbon on by hand. The ribbon was actually so wide (3in.) I had to fold it down to get the right width, when I'd originally though it may not be wide enough!
Earrings-painted some Christmas ornaments a friend gave me and added earring backings. I made 2 different sizes, large and extra-large, as I couldn't decide how outrageously huge they should be on a real person.
Belt-made out of the same ribbon I used for the hat, not folded down this time for maximum width. I sewed some antique gold closures to the inside to match the rest of the outfit even though they shouldn't ever be visible. It's the little things!
Belt buckle-usual polymer clay over foil for bulk. The gold clay I had leftover from some project or other, the pink I actually bought as translucent then added paint to get the color I wanted. Finished it with a couple coats of gloss to make it look a little more gem-like and less stone-like. On the back I have 2 brooch closures to put it on the belt so it's not permanently attached.
Skirt-ordered from Amazon. Came with 2 side slits I sewed closed.
Shoes-ordered 2 different pairs from Amazon, chunky heels and flats for when I tire of heels. Originally thought about returning one of them but decided I could use both in the future since they're plain white.
Shirt-what I thought would be the easiest to find in-stores actually proved pretty elusive. It could be that seasons were changing so stores cleared out the short sleeves but I figured some office-wear is sold year-round. I ended up going with a 3/4 sleeve I found at JCPenny and just shortened the sleeves as much as I could and still have them fit. I looked into cutting and re-attaching the cuff but ended up just folding and stitching the sleeves up so I could easily make them long again if I wanted.
Scarf-ordered off Amazon. Actually much longer than it is wide, I didn't realize until afterward I should have been looking for a bandana in order to get the points I wanted. Oh well, close enough on this one.
Wig-From Epic Cosplay, a Nyx in Rich Butterscotch Blonde. This being a yellow wig I was really picky about color since you'll often see yellows that don't look good on different skin tones or look too fake/cartoony. Epic had the better yellow selection so I went with theirs. This ended up being a bit of a wrinkle in my "easy casual" cosplan due to the amount of styling Peach's hair needs. In reality if I was wanting to go all-out on this I really would've wanted to splice at least 2 wigs together and probably put in foam structures underneath parts of it. Since I wanted to keep it fairly simple though plus most of it would be under a big hat I just approximated her style. The bangs had a lot of work done by a friend of mine after I got done fighting with them which I'm very grateful for as without that I probably would've just worn the whole thing mostly unstyled.


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Series Super Mario Odyssey
Character Princess Peach
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