Bombshell Black Canary

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This has become a quick favorite costume of mine.

Got lucky and found the skirt at a thrift store for about $7. Added buttons that I coincidentally already owned. Owned the belt and added the gold "buckle". The shoes with the ankle straps were given by an aunt, but I couldn't wear them all day so i switched between those, my own heels, and flats. It hurts wearing heels with fishnets. Found a man's shirt in the clearance section of Kohl's for $9 and spent a lot of time modifying it, which was a much better experience than when I tried that for Young Samus. My mom found me gloves and I ripped the leather gripping bits off of them. My sister made me earrings, but you can't see them in most pics. I made the choker and added a charm I bought online. Bought the rose hair clip at Claire's for $5. My hair was a nightmare, but my best friend helped me and my husband figure it out. Bought a multicolored pack of sharpies and my husband drew the awesome tattoo on my arm with a pen, then we both had fun coloring it in. Such a fun experience!

My wonderful husband made my mircophone stand. We bought a cheap replica desktop mic online and took the base off so we could put it on a full size stand made of PVC pipe and foam for the base. Unfortunately, the base came off before we even got into the convention hall and there was no hot glue guns nearby.

It was really great to have my husband as his own original design for a Bombshell Green Arrow. My sister was Bombshell Huntress and we were the band The Birds of Prey, paying homage to the comics and to the design of both Huntress and Black Canary. One of the best moments of the day was to have a guy cosplaying Thor tell me "Sing it, girl!" XD

Can't wait to wear this again in the future! Might have to get a wig.

UPDATE: For Stan Lee's Comic Con/Comikaze!, I had to get a wig. I'd since cut my hair, so we purchased a Hestia in natural blonde from Epic-Cosplay Wigs and BAM! It looked amazing! I think it enhanced my bombshell look by over 9000! Well, if it didn't add to the "sexy" i was going for, I got a lot of people telling me I was "cute". Haha. I shortened the skirt cuz I am short and leaving it so long made my legs look short. I'm not comfortable having the slit too high, so for now, I left it as is, though now the slit looks to short. We tried to re-attach the base to the mic stand, but it didn't take. We're going to have to try something more drastic to fix it. And I still want to make the amp that goes with it. Almost there. This costume is almost completely satisfactory to me. New pics up soon. So fun and comfy to wear! <3

Now Worn: Comikaze 2016; Anime Los Angeles 2017; Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2017; TitanCon Third STRIKE! 2018


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