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So one day end of Sept '17, my husband and I walk into the 99 cent only store and browse through the Halloween selection. We stumble upon a bat-shaped masquerade mask. And vois-la! An idea is born. My husband is very artsy and creative and when we got home, he drew up a bunch of designs for a renaissance steampunk inspired Batgirl outfit for me. Then proceeds to draw up ideas for a Batman to compliment me. A couple that cosplays together, stays together, right? XD

While we took our time making the corset, much of the outfit was rushed and either short-cutted or just not finished. I know. I'm a horrible procrastinator...

The corset was made using YaYa Han's simplicity pattern, which we modified slightly. We lined it with interfacing inside both front and back and used a silky black material for the exterior both inside and out. Black plastic sew-in boning was used to reinforce throughout. Yellow ribbon 3/8" wide I believe was attached with this awesome iron-on type adhesive covering all the vertical seams (only outside). Yellow bias tape completed the top and bottom edges. Not bad for my first ever attempt at a corset. Man this was a beast.

My sister LittleCrater made me the cute bat-dangle earrings. I don't have pierced ears and kept them on the mask for storage, but since my ears were killing me from Bombshell Canary's earrings the day before, I left them on the mask and actually got a lot of compliments about them. Go figure. I guess they would've gotten tangled in my wig or hidden by my wig and gone un-appreciated otherwise.

The main material, as you can probably tell, is crushed velvet in both purple and black. Also my first time really working w/this material. The top and skirt are two separate pieces, both using McCall m6097 pattern as a base. Because we wanted to put in the bat-shaped chest cutout above the bodice, we drastically altered the pattern to accommodate it. We wanted the neckline to go higher up the neck in a Victorian fashion, but it really wasn't co-operating, hence finished the current neckline with yellow bias tape. Leftover interfacing was used to reinforce the bat symbol from the inside. Toyed with the idea of putting a fine black mesh or tulle across it, but did not have the time or materials. Turns out I like it as is. However, the fashion tape only held it in place for a few hours before the areas with the most stress gave up--unfortunately evident in some photos. Placed an invisible zipper all the way down the back, probably wasn't necessary to be that long but it works and it's covered by the corset anyhow. Sleeves are supposed to be reminiscent of her cape, lined with yellow cotton.

Gathering the skirt proved more difficult than expected. The gathering stitches slip right through the velvet. Had to try a few different things before simply tying the gathering threads together. In the future, I hope to finish the bottom hem instead of leaving it as is, possibly trimming with lace. Again, invisible zipper in back. Waist was gathered at first, but decided to pleat per pattern in the end.

Last minute bustle was thrown together with the help of LittleCrater at 3am the day of con. I had sewn the yellow ribbon at the ends of this incredibly cute mesh that had velvet-bats designed into it but it felt flat. she layered fine black tulle under each layer to give it more life. Unfortunately, the black tulle hid the cute bats, so I hope to switch it out for either yellow or purple tulle for future wear. Yellow ribbon is attached so I can tie it around my waist, yet is hidden by the corset. Yup, a lot goes on under that corset...

Wig is Hestia in Golden Blonde from Epic-Cosplay Wigs and I AM IN LOVE. I didn't even need to style it. Perfect color. Perfect curls. Totally comfortable and high quality. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more wigs from them.

Gloves, fishnets and heels were already owned. The plan was to make bright yellow, elbow length ballgown type gloves, but my several attempts at gloves last minute told me to practice more. Also used a bright yellow vinyl to fashion boot covers, but did not finish both in time. Future wearing of this outfit should show development in these areas.

Overall, I was STUNNED the morning of con when it all came together. I was also proud that my makeup was on point. Haha! It was so surreal. I don't do original designs much, but with my creative and talented and AMBITIOUS husband, don't be surprised if the future yields more awesome original cosplays like this.

Now Worn: Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2017


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