Miki Hoshii

The [email protected] 2



I've wanted to cosplay [email protected] since 2012 and now that I have a blond wig I wondered why not taking advantage of it and csplaying Miki :P

I've still not decided which con am I taking this to.


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Series The [email protected] 2
Character Miki Hoshii
Variant Street Hopper


Naudae I don't know much of Idolmaster, but the outfit looks great! Please, get more solo shots of this! Looks great from the few here already!

gypsy_girl I have sone a few cosplays just because I bought a wig for another character. I have one wig that I've used several times, but not yet for the cosplay that I bought it for. I think that's part of the fun of cosplay is to use what you have and let it spark your imagination. I'm looking forward to finished pictures.

Brightworks Eager to see how you do this one.

Angelx624 Yay [email protected]! ^^ Can't wait to see how it turns out! :D