Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



Budget Cost: 15$

~REDONE~ 4th attempt
(knit ponte, broadcloth)

I drafted the pattern from the original. The shirt is lined with a cream colored knit fabric. The cutouts are chiffon.

~I used bias tape for the contours on the hips and zigzags. The closure is held with velcro, because my sewing machine's button hole feature sucks.

*SKIRT* - dyed with red acrylic paint

~taken from a quilt. The skirt is lined with black coat lining.

~used left over lace from another costume- it was dyed black.

~The gold ornament is a belt that I cut up. The circle things are metal.

~REDONE~ 3rd attempt
*SWEEPER* -dyed with acrylic paint

Had to redo this because the other sweeper was to short.

-I drafted the pattern with the old sweeper and surged the edges, before hemming. The ties are hot glued onto the back. I left out the circles because it is hard to manipulate chiffon.


~the belts were painted silver.

(fun foam)

(fun foam)

~The chain was reused-I redid the necklace with Dry Crayola clay. The swirl around the base is fun foam.

~ I made the earrings bigger so they would show better in photos.

~I traced over a blown picture of the earrings, filled in the outline with hot glue and extracted them with an exacto knife. They were attached to clip on earrings.

~most of the glass diamonds were found at home. I improvised and threw some metallic pearls in to break up the diamonds, because it was too plain for me. =D

*SHOES* -painted with interior paint.
~they were just chilling in my closet.

Bought new wig from eBay. I usually buy from this seller:

It's a great wig and came styled perfectly, aside from the bangs which were left long.

I cut the bangs with thinning sheers and held the style with GOTB glued hairspray.

Difficulty: 2/5


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Serah Farron


Gummibar Mao Melissa: Thanks! I think it's better to be creative, when you feel it and it comes naturally. Forcing it just burns you out. But I am glad this is a source of motivation. I look forward to your projects. :)

Mao_Melissa Your Serah is so lovely! You really make me want to push forward in my FF & Resident Evil cosplays. Creativity doesn't come as easily to me as it once did, so I thank you very much for inspiring me to keep the dream alive!

Vf1Jpilote fascinating :)

Narnian Gorgeous Serah! You did so well!

Gummibar Thanks everyone. =3

Spudvivi Lovely Serah :) !

DemonBarberST Fantastic pics! Great location! And of course... wonderful cosplay!

cissnei So Cutee :P

CourtoonXIII Oh wow- All your photos are so pretty! and so are you!!

Sorata2002 Wow, simply beautiful. You are amazing!

Plummer You make a gorgeous Serah! :D

ashelia89 You make a gorgeous Serah :3 !!!!

Lulexiaa You are gorgeous! <3

Kamioftime Serah will be my next cosplay, yours looks so great!!

Fukada Ho sweet Serah! Can't wait to see others photos. =D

AlmostHolly You're a beautiful Serah!