Hetalia: Axis Powers



So. My Germany (Child Nick on is a huge GerIta fan.

I decided one day I wanted to do a cosplay that'd make her day. i went with this. The doujinshi "Happy Materials". You probably all remember the cover of it from here:

I decided to cosplay that. And BOY was it fun.

The hat is from eBay, I bought it awhile back for a fem!Germany cosplay. The white shirt is actually the button-up shirt from my America cosplay. The pants are my dancer tights, but I'll have better pants to wear next time. The corset, suspenders, gloves, boots, and dog tag are all from eBay. The Iron Cross is from eBay as well, but I've had that awhile. The wig is also from eBay XD;;

The entire costume cost me... $30 i think. For all the parts i didn't already own.

So... this was FAR too much fun.

More pictures as i wear it more~ X3


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Italy
Variant Happy Materials Doujinshi


Cousin Nick I can't wait to show you my version of it XD so epic!!!! I can't wait to go to yaoi con!