This dress is sewn by me as most of my costumes.
Thanks to Faeryx for help with embroidery.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Alichino
Character Myobi


Chal It's really good to see nice Alichino cosplays, the costumes in the series are all really nice~ (It's a shame we'll never see he end of it, by the looks of things) You did a really good job on this, you look beautiful! I loveall of the detailing~ Great work! And congrats on the Showcase!

ArienGreenleaf amazing!!

Thevina Congratulations on the showcase!

ChiisaiYume Ah, I saw this on DA, sooo well done!~ =D

Hillasaur i love all the details

TheAnimelady Wow your icon looks so great!