Professor Hershel Layton

Professor Layton and the Curious Village



So, a friend who is extremely gifted told me 3 month ago "let's make Layton : you're tall, I am small, the size difference is great: stich your clothes, I'll make your head.

I just had to send him a big piece of the same fabric I used for the costume, he made the hat, an I sew the jacket, orange top and trousers.


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Series Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Character Professor Hershel Layton


Mytis Wow, vraiment génial!!!

mellamel Those costumes are SO awesome!! :)

Cloud-Dark *_* oh my god! what a fantastic way of cosplaying Prof. Layton. You did an awesome job. Excellent work ^_^

Kate O'Riley je trouves rien de plus à dire que YEAH!! *me is fan*

MysteriousMaemi je reste fan! ;)