Heather Mason

Silent Hill 3



Heather Mason was a rather simple cosplay! A skirt, a high-neck shirt and a vest.. Took me about 15 hours to make, I guess.. Because the vest was a little triggy. I had to have two layers of cotton inside the vest to make it look more out-door-ish.

We had the official photoshoot this november (2010) and I forgot to wear those sweatbands and the watch so please don't hate my cosplay for that :3

The cosplays are featured in CosMag Magazine.

I hope you like it~

Here's the link for the skit which got us 3 prizes:

For the whole convention, I actually blew a lot of air into my eyes all day to make it look like I had cried.


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Heather Mason


-sarah- Your cosplay is awesome! :D Did you use a pattern for your vest? I'm trying to re-do my Heather cosplay and I'm having trouble finding a pattern that works well.

Zarsu Your costume is amazing *__*