Scott Pilgrim

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Miri did a Ramona Flowers costume for the premiere and I decided to join her at cons as Scott. I liked his design and the designs in the series a lot, since I'm a sucker for hipster stuff, so I quickly fell in love. I saw myself in Scott a lot, too, so I became fond of him rather quickly.

Everything was store bought with the exception of the cuffs, which were made. I still need to get the accurate shoes, but as of right now I'm pleased.

My favorite part is having an excuse to make Michael Cera faces.


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Character Scott Pilgrim


Eiriol Out of what, if I may inquire?

Eiriol Where did you find those wristbands? I have looked everywhere for the red/gold combo. Great cosplay by the way :D

RyoWolffe I LOVE your Scott :D

Natsumi723 oh, you are perfect!!