Kim Pine

Scott Pilgrim



I put this Kim Pine cosplay together after reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels/playing the game/fangirling over the movie. This costume involved zero sewing. Her jacket and skirt in the comic book is extremely similar to that of Chie from Persona 4, who I have previously cosplayed. So I removed the buttons from my Chie jacket and added some green striped socks and Converse sneakers to the outfit, borrowed the perfect dark red bob wig from InfinityInk888 (who is super cool for lending it to me!) and painted freckles on my cheeks. Add Rock Band drumsticks plus a mean attitude and voila! :3

I had a lot of fun taking photos with my friends in this costume. I hope to make more Scott Pilgrim cosplay in the future!


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Series Scott Pilgrim
Character Kim Pine
Variant Comic Book Version


Narnian Wonderful cosplay! Kudos for your resourcefulness.

carladawn Amazing job!

Amishanda I love how you're wearing your Chie stuff for Kim. Never realized how it actually fits well for both characters. XD You look great and the group is fantastic also.