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'You don't win contests with a costume like this' I thought to myself and laughed when I was making this, but you never know, do you~

This was a fun project. I wanted something where I could try making a bigger weapon/carry-around because I never made one before. I was also interested to see how I would look in all black, I've always been told that black is the last haircolor I should ever try.
Of course I also think the design is pretty cool, and I like the character in the OVA episode.

The horns, wings and scythe are made from a polyurethaneboard, covered with fiberglassresin and painted.
The details on the scythe are made from camping mattress and paperclay. The blade is detachable.
The horns are attached to a headband under the wig, and the wings are held by an aluminiumwireframe .

The gloves are vinyl and lycra, the 'rings' and nails are softfoam and paperclay.

The wig was a normal straight wig in witch I added some green fiber and curled. It's my first properly styled wig too I did myself! I'm terrible with anything having something to do with hair really.

The shoes are from a fleamarket and I have them in everyday-use.
I drafted the pattern for the pants and dress myself, the dress is made from stretch taffeta. There's a wire in the hem to keep it in shape. Underneath is a short back petticoat and also a small pouch that held my phone and cash.

Not counting the the wig, shoes and contacts(I'm going to use them again for other purposes) I used roughly maybe 30€ on this costume.

I'm going to fix/improve a few technical little things and wear this in the summer! A taffeta dress with a bare back is not very warm in the winter... Hopefully I'll get proper pictures then as well, this time I decided not to wear this costume both days as it proved to be a bit difficult to move around inside with the wings.

But getting the second place in the Hall Cosplay contest was so cool and totally made my day so a big thank you for the judges!!! <3


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