Alicia Melchiott

Valkyria Chronicles



I love this costume so much despite how hard it can be to deal with the armor. At first it was craft foam but later I taught myself how to work with wonderflex. I'm still trying to get the right colors for the armor by experimenting so it's not 100% done yet.
The jacket, skirt, belts, white collar, and mini tie were made by Lyn and armor + headscarf + boot covers were made by me. I cannot make militaristic style costumes for the life of me. T_T

I should also note this was my first time making armor EVER. I learned so much and can't wait to make more!


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Series Valkyria Chronicles
Character Alicia Melchiott


Granosx OMG I love you for this. Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing game! Shocktroopers were always my favorite even though Alicia was a scout, still scouts were great for capturing bases. Very good job, especially for first time making armor