Soma Asman Kadar




I love this character very much as well as well as indian clothes. I worked with this costume fro about 2-3 months! I brought the white pants since I am not good att making them. The details took alot of time! I frist wore this for a random cosplay meet up in my town and then I wore this at Närcon: XI (26-29 july ) It was so much fun to wear! :)

I havd to curl the wig so it would look more wavy as Somas hair is. I got alot of compliments, and it made me happy that people regonized me as him! ^^
I hope to cosplay as Soma again I will remake this cosplay alittle!


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Soma Asman Kadar
Variant Tradionell inidan male clothes (manga version)


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