Shura Kirigakure

Ao no Exorcist

@fin fish
I feel like she's a character with a strong personality that needs to be brought out in photos, and wanted to try my hand at it! I also like her design, in that DESPITE THE INTENSE BOOBS (which I... do not have), she's got a more realistic shape than a lot of anime girls... and actually has room for ribs and organs.
@fin fish
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Series Ao no Exorcist
Character Shura Kirigakure

LenRinTwin I wanna find that wig >< I know where to get it, but there's a convention next weekend and it wont get here in time ;w;

MikeB1002 love ur shura and mephisto both great job i hope my mephisto is as good

saskatoo Awesome job! You really pulled off the character well.