Bella sister

Resident Evil 4



Let me start off by saying that lugging around a 15lb chainsaw was the REAL NIGHTMARE!!! Especially when people were asking for pictures every 30 seconds or so! >:D My forearms became more toned and buff after cosplaying in this outfit!

This was truly a random monster/baddie outfit that I was itching to do! It's always a BLAST to be the bad guy! Everything was home-made except for the chainsaw. I have to say the absolute BEST part of making this outfit was the BLOOD! I enjoyed making and mixing the acrylic and fabric paints together and splattering it onto the apron, shirts, and bandages. Now I see why Dexter has so much fun with blood splatters.... :)

I had alot of fun wearing this not only because it is more of a "rare" Resident Evil outfit but it was awesome to have people come up to me to tell me how much they hated the first encounter Leon has with the Bella Sisters in RE4.... >:D


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Bella Sister


LovelyLor I saw you at comikaze! I love this one!