Natsume Takashi

Natsume's Book of Friends



I watch the first 2 and a half season of the anime before FanExpo.... I had to do Natsume!

Ordered the Book of Friends and Nyanko-sensei with taobao spree 2 months before the plushies release date. ^_^

Shoe's I found second hand but had to paint the white trim as they were originally all orange.

I would love to pull out another Natsume costume if I could get a group together.

The signatures I created in photoshop and printed them out from stills I took from the anime and cleaned them up and rotated them so the they would be closer to flat from the curved pages.

I belatedly realized I kept opening the book the wrong way as it normally is open top to bottom but your suppose to read it right to left.

Wig is a Arda Lulu in 029 Dark Ash Blonde

Other then Yami no Matsuei this is one series in the anime version I would like to own.


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Series Natsume's Book of Friends
Character Natsume Takashi
Variant Summer Uniform


Karitsa Cool! This series really needs more love!

Syagria Natsume's Book of Friends! That's awesome! (And whoa, I need to go order a Nyanko-sensei plushie right NOW.)