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Mary Poppins



I somehow managed to put this together in two weeks.

Corset: I used the same corset I made for my Princess Aurora cosplay. Very handy piece.

Crinoline: 9 yards of red and orange tulle and around 42 yards of lace edging. It is loosely based on the Alice Lon petticoat tutorial. It was perhaps the single most time-consuming piece of this costume. And no one ever sees it, heh.

Underdress: Cream cotton fabric. Drafted the bodice pattern from a body block and the drafted the skirt portion as a circle skirt. Opens in the back with a lapped zipper.

Overdress: 4.5 yards of embroidered voile. This fabric was extremely difficult to make marks on; my white chalk went straight through the fabric and marked the table. In the end I had to use black chalk (which I wasn’t able to totally remove) and sew it between layers of tissue paper. The bodice, sleeves and collar patterns were drafted from a body block. Attached to the cuff edges and collar is a lace with red ribbon threaded through it. The ruffle is a large rectangle (with rounded bottom), that was gathered and sewn down the center of the dress. It is edged with the same lace as the crinoline and pale pink tulle cut into 1” strips and folded in half to create a trim. There are around 8 decorative buttons sewn down the middle. The skirt is a 3 yard rectangle, gathered and sewn to the waist. There are nine red bows sewn on the skirt. Opens in the back with a lapped zipper.

Cincher: Red satin and white piping. I drafted this from the body block as well, and it was my first attempt at drafting a corset style pattern. If I wear this costume again I would consider scrapping this piece and remaking it, but overall it worked well. Closes in the back with four skirt hooks. Also there is hand-cut steel boning at the center front and sides. I ran out of time for lining.

Spats: I used a tutorial/pattern I found online and heavily altered it for a custom fit. It's made of white vinyl, with the seams pressed open using contact cement. It opens with red satin covered buttons, and sits on the foot with help from an elastic strip pulled under the arch.

Hat: Found the hat at a store in Chinatown for around $4. I shortened the crown of the hat and covered the raw edge with white bias tape (the material was way too scratchy to sit on my head without the extra fabric protection). It was painted it white with fabric paint. Then the brim was sewn up a little so it would stick up in the back. There’s a selection of white and pink flowers glued on to the brim. Then a lot of tulle, in two different weights, was added. The band under the chin is a very soft tulle that hooks onto the hat on the right side of the hat with a skirt hook.

Parasol: I used a parasol I picked up a couple years ago at a theatre company garage sale and was saving for an appropriate costume. Painted it pink and white with fabric paint, and then attached A LOT of white gathered frills. Gathering the frills alone took around three hours.


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