Snake Plissken

Escape from New York

Escape from New york and Escape from LA are up there with some of my favorite movies. There's something about the Post-apocalyptic theme that I find interesting.

The costume is made up of an underarmor tanktop, Arctic camouflage pants, baseball umpire shin guards, combat boots,finger gloves and an eyepatch.

The gun is an airsoft Mac.11 with a a rifle scope taped to the top of the silencer
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Series Escape from New York
Character Snake Plissken

pocky_penguin66 This is awesome! Ive never seen.a snake plissken cosplay before. I loved those movies

~H~ Such a great cosplay idea!!! I want to watch the movie again now ^_^.

PrincessKaori87 Dude! Snake! Great costume. :D

dotingly i'm not familiar with the character but i absolutely the eyepatch, because yay eyepatches!

char99char Awesome!

Deemer Nice, gotta love the classics.

booklover67 Really nice costume!! Your weapon looks excellent!

paper cosplay call him snake cult classic costume great

momoiru1994 nice!! nlove the weapon~